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Custom Homes


Our homes are a combination of precision factory built components and on-site construction that gives you the best of both worlds


What does your dream home look like?

For most people it's not some canned plan on an Architect or Builders website. However most dream homes start from a concept driven by a stock plan or feature. Let us help you realize your unique dream home through an intuitive discovery process that require careful attention to your desires and a site evaluation.


Nothing left out

From Vaulted ceiling with high-pitched roofs to stucco and tile roofed exteriors, nothing is sacrificed for today's Factory designs. Hillside homes and multi-story designs that were once impossible are a common sight for us now. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Modular custom dream home

Everything Evolves

Designing the Dream


Building modular home Design a dream home Installing a modular home
Factory built homes have come a long way to say the least. Today's home is a combination of precision factory built housing and on-site construction that allows you to get the best of both worlds. Efficient, cost conscious housing and unlimited design flexibility. Valley Home Development is your key partner to achieving your dream. Our expertise in "Design - Build" allows you to design with confidence. We are able to provide detailed costing through the entire design phase so you can be assured that the home we help you create works within the budget you are comfortable with. We pride ourselves on an unusually high customer satisfaction as a builder. This is because we are there with you every step of the way. From design to delivery, we're the single point of contact. This eliminates the "buck passing" and post contract price gouging, the unseen demon of building.

Fast = Savings = Happy Customer

As an experienced site builder, we can say with confidence that Factory built homes are the fastest and greenest way to build your dream home. While we are working on site preparation and foundations, your home is being built inside a factory, usually in less than a month. The ability to do this presents a significant value in reduced construction carry cost, loss from environmental damage and liability. Homes are usually ready for occupancy within 3 months.

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