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Choose one of our pre-engineered plans or we can convert your existing design into a panelized solution.
Delivery and installation usually takes 1-2 days not weeks or months.
From empty site, to framed structure and completed home in as little as 3 months.
The West Coast only true panelized, kit house builders.

Panelized Homes


Factory Built Framing Kits

Panelized homes are built just like a traditional "site-built" home, but the framing is built in a factory instead of at the jobsite. All of the exterior walls with sheathing, windows and doors are pre-built, along with the roof trusses. The panels and trusses are delivered when the foundation is complete and erected in small wall sections until the entire structure is up.

Faster Build

This results in a faster built, enclosed structure and less waste or theft of materials. Once the panels are up, the plumbing, electrical, insulation and sheetrock work is done. This solution allows for complex design features in walls and roofs, since the walls are pre-built, minimizing the need for expensive skilled framers.

The exterior can be finished with siding, stucco or any other material you like.

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