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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can I install one of these on my property?

If you live in a residential zoning district in the state of California legally you can. You do however have to meet the local zoning set back requirements (distance from fence, house?) and conform to the look of the existing home.

Where can I put a backyard home?

There is no generic answer for this question. In most cases the home is placed where you want it providing we can make it fit within the zoning code requirements.

What is the largest home I can put on my property?

Each city/county is different on the max size and number of bedrooms. If you call your local planning or building department they can usually answer this over the phone. In most cases it's between 400 - 1200 sq. ft. max.

Can you make it look like my house?

Absolutely. In fact most cities require us to do this so there are no "eye-sores" in the neighborhood.

Does my property have to be flat for this?

No. We can place these homes just about anywhere or on any slope, as long as the city/county will allow it.

Can I rent the backyard home to someone?

Most cities allow the second unit to be rented. The property owner must live in one of the homes though. You can decide which is the rental and which is your primary residence. I would recommend calling your city planning or building department to verify this.

Can we make changes to the plan?

Yes, and most of our clients do. The plans serve as a great template to find dimensionally what will work for you. From there we can alter the size of the building, the number and placement of rooms and the features to meet your needs. We can even design new plans from your sketches.

Do we have to have a kitchen in it?

Yes. The State requires all home to ship with a kitchen if they are state approved HUD homes. Our UBC designs do not have this requirement nor do our Accessory structure line.

Who does all the work with the city (or county)?

You can do this if you like and save some money, or we can work with them to address all the requirements and submit the project on your behalf. We will also handle all of the correspondence with the city to get it approved.

How long does it take to build the house?

The home itself only takes a couple weeks to build, however the factory may have backlog of 3-12 weeks depending on the season. While the home is being built we are usually working on the site, so the entire process only takes about three months from when the home goes on the production line to you getting the new keys to move in.

How do you get it into my backyard?

This varies based on the site conditions. If we can roll it back there we will. If not, we will crane it over whatever the obstacles are. Even a two-story house!

Do you have financing programs for these?

Yes. We can help you find the best way to pay for the home and installation.

Can you do a tile roof?

Yes. If your existing home has a tile roof we will most likely be required to match the material used there.

Are these homes like those cabins I see at resorts?

From external appearances they are similar, but it ends there. The resort models are called "Park Model" homes and are not built to same code requirements since they are meant to be temporary structures. Those homes are essentially Recreational Vehicles (RV's) while the backyard homes are designed to be placed on foundations and appraised as "Real Property".

Can I do some of the work myself?

Yes you can, but we recommend using qualified contractors for the home set, securing and connections. Other than that you would just let us know what you don't want us to do and we would leave it out of the install budget.

My (Family member/Friend) is a contractor. Can I use them to work on my Backyard Home?

Yes, but just like any other project you should consider relative construction experience in selecting your resources. Our advanced building products require a skill set that most contractors have no experience with.

Are these mobile homes?

No. These homes are designed to be placed on permanent foundations having permanent utility connections made and titled as "Real Property" when completed.

Do they affect my property value?

Yes, just like any other improvement to your home. The increased square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are looked at like additions to the existing home or as a "second unit", depending on where you live and who is appraising it.

Does my house get reassessed if I add a Backyard Home?

This usually depends on a couple factors, where you live and the size of the home addition. Check with you local planning department or assessor's office.

Can I put more than one Backyard home on my property?

Typically not. Most cities will allow for only one additional living space on a residential property. There are exceptions to this so I would recommend you check with your local planning department.

Can I install a Backyard home on my rental house and rent it out to someone else?

In most cases no. Most cities require the property owner live in one of the units.

Can you make it look like a log cabin?

Yes, we can make it look like just about any architectural design out there. However most cities will require the second unit to look like the primary.

Will it sit on blocks?

No. We install all our homes on permanent foundation systems that meet all local seismic requirements.

Can I leave it on wheels in case we want to move it?

No. Most cities will require the home to be installed on a permanent foundation. There are exceptions to this in many cities. Consult your local planning department for guidelines.

Does it have a heater and air conditioner?

Yes. There is a central heat system with floor registers and it is AC ready. Just let us know if you want the AC hooked up and we will provide and install the condenser.

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