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Granny Unit Solutions Comparison

We are often compared to a local contractors quote for a home so I thought I would point out some of the differences that most consumers can't see in a generic price comparison.

Many plans - We have lots of plans to chose from and modify to your needs. Contractor? no plans! You pay an architect to design and hope the plan does not exceed your budget
State Approved Plans - That are good in all cities and counties throughout the state. Each plan has to be designed to the local design guidelines. This takes extra time and money to make it work
Site plan? Since we are Real Estate developers we know how to place the new home on your property to meet city/county guidelines. Require you to figure out what's needed and submit it yourself.
Complete Design Services in house - We can prepare the plans and submit them on your behalf. Since we do this all the time we know what it takes to get projects approved! Require you to hire an architect, civil engineer and contractor. You manage the design process yourself. Then you are required to submit and deal with questions and concerns from the city/county.
In-House project Valuation - We can assist you with determining how much the finished product will be worth when completed so you don't under/over build. No expertise in valuation
In House financing - We can assist you with solutions to funding the new home at the best rates. No financing options. Require you to search for a solution.
Know exactly what you're getting - Our design process allows you to know exactly what the finished home will look like and what goes in it. Every item from windows to light switches is included. We bring samples and show you models to help decide. Creates budget allocations for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, doors, lighting. Often their idea of what's included differs from yours'. This leads to higher costs and delays throughout the project.

Better Built Homes

Wood? we use only kiln-dried lumber that does not warp so walls stay strait. Wet lumber from a local yard that warps as it dries and can also cause mold once covered.
Sub floor - We use larger sheets that are nailed and glued to the floor joist to reduce noise and increase strength. Smaller sheets nailed down can squeak when you walk on them as time goes on. This also costs more to build.
Walls - All exterior walls are 2x6 with the interior sheet rock glued and screwed for added strength. Typically builders only use 2x4 lumber for small homes and only screw the sheetrock down.
Windows - All double pane, low E energy efficient. Whatever they can get the best price on for their budget.
Central Heating and AIR - with floor registers throughout all homes that's powerful and efficient. Typically will install a wall mounted combo unit that sticks out the side of the building somewhere.
Raised panel doors - throughout the home including closets. Typically plain flat doors are what's included in the budget.
Faster Construction - The home takes less than two weeks to build at the factory while we are working on the foundation. The whole process takes less than 3 months on average. Estimate 2-3 months, but typically take 4-6 months or longer to build. More trades on the job mean longer build cycles. This means more people on your property for longer times and more risk to you the owner.
Complete Accountability - We are there from the beginning to the end as your single point of contact. Plus the home itself is backed by one of the nations largest builders for 7 years. Typically defer problems to the subcontractors and may not be around long after the home is complete to address problems long term.
Factory Inspected - every part of the home is inspected on the production line before it?s delivered to your property. Contractor calls for an inspection on each item and the inspector comes a day later. If he is in a bad mood or doesn't like the contractor or his work, this costs you more time and money.
Best Value - You wouldn-t have a local garage build your car, so why build a home this way. You don't really know what you're getting, how long it will take or how much it will cost until the projects completed. Ask around about the horror stories that people have with this method.

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