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Carmel Valley


Type: Custom Home

Size: 900 sqft

Location: Berkeley, CA

Style: Traditional

Method: Manufactured

The Project:

When the Resident director opened the Sunday paper one weekend in 2007 he noticed a article about us installing a new unit for a client in the Bay area. The next day he called me to tell me he needed two homes for visiting researchers and wanted to cut through some of the red tape typically associated with site building (not to mention the cost). We helped him with both. He got two new homes within a couple months and this was no easy task. We had to travel 23+ miles down windy Carmel Valley road, only to be treated to the real challenge of bringing the homes onto the site. This included crossing 2 low creeks and maneuvering around countless trees with only an inch to spare. Needless to say both homes made it up and he is very happy with the outcome. These homes were completed in 2009.