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Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00

What's a Hybrid Home?

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Everyday people call our office looking for information about building a home using one of our advanced building methods. Usually the conversations center on one technology vs. the other based on the information they give us. If you have great access to a flat building area we recommend a Modular solution. If access is limited or the design doesn’t fit our box building templates, we suggest a Panelized solution.

Lately a new breed of homes has us pretty excited about where we are going with the evolution of building – The Hybrid Home.

For us, hybrid homes were born out of the goal of using Modular as far as we can possibly go with a design and then layering in other building methods to complete the process. A simple example of this that we have done for years is the site built garage or front porch attached to one of our Modular homes. There are examples of a custom home in Hayward and Vallejo. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can do. Why build this way, you ask? Simple, to address a client’s desire while maximizing the factory building options which speed the build cycle and maintain affordability. Here are two examples of how we are using this Hybrid building method:

Example one: The Tuscan Vineyard Guest House

For this project we needed to build a 1000sqft Guest House with an attached two story garage and RV carport to the side of the house. The house was a natural fit for Modular home construction, but the garage and carport were not so a panelized building method was the next best thing. The third component is the Entry tower that is circular and sits right where the two building intersect with a section that sits over the Modular. Due to the curved walls, the tower will be built using conventional site-built methods. Once the Modular home is set on the foundation and the garage & carport are erected we will stucco the entire structure, install the roofing material and stone accents. View full project

Example two: Country Farm House

This project is the dream home of the daughter of a pretty well known Bay Area custom home builder. She and her husband fell in love with the idea of a Modular home for all the typical reasons but the design pushed the limits of our factory building techniques with the high pitched roof and number of dormers. There is also a large living room in the center of the house that is two stories tall to take advantage of the views out of the main front gable. Because of these issues we decided to build the first floor using three Modular boxes and site build the entire second floor, attached garage and front porch. This allows us to bring in over 50% of the home completed at the factory with the larger expense items built with the highest efficiency while allowing us complete flexibility to design and address the roof and dormers with conventional building methods. This is a huge benefit to the homeowner since one of their goals is to defer the 2nd floor finishes until a couple years down the road when their family grows into needing the space.

As we come up on our 10th year of building homes using these advanced building techniques we have come to the conclusion that these systems are not unlike pre-hung doors and other assemblies that we are all used to dealing with as builders. They are just components of the building process and when used as such we can maintain flexibility with the design options while speeding up the process and getting a consistent, affordable product.

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