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Menlo Park


Type: Custom Home

Size: 2454 sqft

Location: CA

Style: Traditional

Method: Panelized

View 360 tour of backyard home


The Project:

Jenny's background as an Interior designer called for some real creativity within the design and method of building her home.  She wanted a home with as much natural light as possible.  She needed a single story home with 3 bedrooms, an office, 2 ½ baths and plenty of storage.  If she had it her way she would have windows on every wall.  This was a challenge since it's not a "One room" house and her lot is a small 50' x 125' in-fill lot with homes on both sides and the rear.  Her ideal design also required radiant floor heat which was a feature in a previous home she owned.   The floor elevation needed to address this without looking like it did not fit in with the older homes surrounding it that currently sit below the flood line.

After spending some time with Jenny and reviewing her ideas it became clear that the best solution to accomplish her goals was to design an "hour-glass" shaped floor plan and build it with a Panelized kit.  This shape allowed us to have two exterior walls in every room addressing the  air flow and natural light.  It also provided some exterior patio space right off the kitchen/dining area that's shared by the Master bedroom, with a similar space off the Living room accessible from the hallway.   I think we broke the factory's record for number of awning windows installed in a home.  These windows were a key design element in letting in natural light and cross ventilation while providing the privacy from neighbors.

Not only were we able to address all her needs in the most cost effective manner, we also took advantage of a Factory building method that speeds the process by allowing us to work on the foundation and framing at the same time.  An added benefit was the panelized frame kit aided with the Green Point rating system while saving her thousands of dollars in up-charges since some of the green measures are inherent in the panelized process.

As we shot the final photos and virtual tour we spent a few minutes out on the main patio enjoying the sunshine.  A design element I'm sure will get many hours of use in the near future.